The Art of Sensual Female Dominance:

A Guide for Women by Claudia Varrin

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Do you have a strange fascination with riding crops, even though you've never been on a horse? Do you gaze lovingly at ship's moorings, sensing there are better things to tie up than boats? If you do, then here is your permission to explore the dark side of your fantasies!

The Art of Sensual Female Dominance is a tasteful, insightful, and often amusing guide for women who want to incorporate domination into their love relationship and for those who just wish to play and have fun. It is a woman's intoduction to a different, more daring lovestyle that can spice up life in the bedroom and out. Claudia Varrin is a sophisticated lifestyle dominatrix who is highly regarded for her expertise in the multi-dimensional aspects of dominance. Writing from her D&S heart as well as her personal experience, her book discusses communication and trust in the D&S relationship as well as risk and safety factors. The book includes illustrations helpful for beginners, anatomy depictions for discipline and trampling, and true stories relating some of her favorite experiences with male submissives. Miss Varrin will guide the budding domina in the step-by-step techniques necessary to conduct the first D&S encounter and to get in touch with the inner power and self-control required to dominate another person.

The first edition of
The Art of Sensual Female Dominance sold out. A new edition is available now!


The German Edition / Die Deutsche Ausgabe:
Die Kunst der weiblichen Dominanz - Eine Anleitung für Einsteiger

The Spanish Edition / Edición Español
Dominación Sensual: Erotismo, poder, y dominación femenina


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February 28,2013