Erotic Surrender:
The Sensual Joys of Female Submission
by Claudia Varrin

In a world of almost enforced liberation and independence, the sexually submissive woman can feel overlooked, mis-understood, and even despised because of her chosen brand of sexuality. The sexually submissive woman's intellectual needs have not been fulfilled in any way. Erotic Surrender fills that void. And author Claudia Varrin knows what she's talking about, being a professional female dominant and having experienced intense sexual submission to a well-known British master.

Miss Varrin feels that sexual submission can be a luxurious pretend-captivty where one can indulge in sexual pleasure without guilt and where each playtime is an opportunity for enhanced sexuality, communication, and deepened trust. It is the sharing of long-unspoken fantasies of delightful sexual torment and anticipation then making them live and breathe.

Erotic Surrender shows the reader that with all things in the magical world of SM there is more to being submissive than is apparent to the casual observer. Being submissive is sexy, romantic, and fun! SM can hold the promise of intense intimacy and profound gratification in one's chosen variety of sexuality. It can open your heart and free your soul, then make your spirit soar above the earth - your only attachment to our world the invisible cord between you and your master.

Erotic Surrender: The Sensual Joys of Female Submission is currently available in both the hard cover and trade paperback editions.




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February 28,2013