The Female Dominant:
Games She Plays

by Claudia Varrin

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What happanes in the exotic, erotic shadowland of a professional dominatrix? Diva Claudia Varrin gives you a tantilizing in this collection of titillating real-life scenes. Or are they? From naughty sessions with her treasured slaves to one-night only encounters, from one on one play friends to games with multiple mistresses and submissives, Varrin lifts the veil and reveals an underground realm of consensual bondage, role-playing, cross-dressing, fetishes, and tortures tender and cruel.

Varrin plays by her own rules — rules to make men beg, grovel, and plead for more. With exclusive interludes from spanking to slave training, bondage to boy toys, Varrin will open your mind to the joys of erotic fun and games, incited to you new heights with devilishly, delightfully dirty ideas, help you liberate your dominant desires, and fuel your sexual self-esteem.

Whether a dominant diva or a voracious voyeur, you will get your fill and insights into others desires, in the pages of The Female Dominant: Games She Plays.

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The German Edition / Die Deutsche Ausgabe:
Die Diva in dir! - Die Kunst
des dominanten erotischen Spiels


Copyright © 1997-2013 Claudia M. Varrin. All Rights Reserved. A Fem Dom Literary Enterprise. 








February 28,2013