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Sublime Lady Diva Claudia Varrin is an elegant, sophisticated, and mature Sensual Female Dominant, Diva and Fetishist.

More years ago than Diva Claudia cares to remember, a friend introduced her to "The Scene", and a lifelong personal passion for SM became a sojourn into the international world of BDSM. Diva Claudia's passion still burns hot and bright, fed by her encounters; not dulled by them Extensive training in both the psychological and physical aspects of the art of sensual female dominance was followed by well over a thousand fantasy sessions with submissives from around the world. Experience was enriched by Diva Claudia's voracious appetite for reading and research, and her passion to explore the paths of spirituality that can be opened through romantic, consensual SM. Diva Claudia believes that with a responsible partner, the SM fantasy arena can be a safe place to heal old conflicts, to change, and to grow.

Varrin took a leave from domination when she was featured in a New York Magazine article on SM and subsequently contacted by a literary agent about writing a "how-to" book on romantic BDSM. The Art of Sensual Female Dominance: A Guide for Women, was released by Carol Publishing in April 1998 in hard cover, and is now available in trade paperback at major book chains and specialty shops.

Varrin's second book, Erotic Surrender: the Sensual Joys of Female Submission, was written to empower women with submissive sexual preferences and make them feel pride in their submissive state. From Citadel Press, NYC, it was released in April of 2001 and is currently available in hard cover and trade paperback editions from all the same sources.

Diva Claudia's third book, A Guide to New York's Fetish Underground, was released in December of 2002. NYFU is the ultimate guide to fetish shopping and events in New York City. NYFU will take you to all of the best places to shop for fetish clothes, shoes, wigs, tiaras, uniforms of all types, BDSM societies and clubs, events that are staged weekly, monthly and yearly, where to buy books, toys, and videos, and where to eat, drink, and be merry while wearing latex! Armed with NYFU, you will not be wasting time zigzagging across town looking for this and that; you will know exactly where to go for whatever it is you want and where to wear it that weekend. A Guide to New York's Fetish Underground is currently available from all of the usual sources.

Varrin's exciting fourth book, entitled Female Dominance: Rituals and Practices, takes The Art of Sensual Female Dominance up to the next level. It explores more of the psychological aspects of sensual female dominance and guides the reader through more advanced techniques than the first book. The Art of Sensual Female Dominance is required reading before attempting any of the techniques in Female Dominance: Rituals and Practices. The hard cover edition is currently available from all the usual retail, wholesale, and Internet sources.

Varrin's fun-loving fifth book, The Female Dominant: Games She Plays was released in July of 2005. Unlike her how-to books, Games relates over three dozen of the most interesting session and encounters Varrin has had in her many years as Sensual Female Dominant. From the mild to the extremely wild, this book is sure to entertain both her female and male readers and give them ideas on new ways to explore their sexual psyches. The trade paperback edition is currently available from your usual, or unusual, retail, wholesale, and internet sources.

Female Submission 1: The Journey of Madelaine is part one of the pre-quel to Erotic Surrender. It relates Varrin's exploration of the submissive side of her nature while she was a "sexual slave" to a well-known British Master. Written from the journals she kept every day, this highly erotic book will give the reader an in-depth look at the deconstruction of ego and its succesive downward spiral to explore the darkest side of Varrin's submissive and masochistic fantasies. Private one-on-one enactments, public scenes, and playtimes at private dungeon parties will titillate readers from all walks of BDSM. This book is due out in hard cover edition in October, 2006.

Also planned for release in 2006 is an updated revision of The Art of Sensual Female Dominance: A Guide for Women, featuring a new shopping chapter rather than list of shops; a fully revised foot fetish chapter; an update on latex care; several detailed, step-by-step sample sessions, and more.

For Varrin's overseas readership, The Art of Sensual Female Dominance, Erotic Surrender and The Female Dominant: Games She Plays will be released in German beginning in late 2005. The Art of Sensual Female Dominance will be released in Spanish in 2005.

In addition to her written works, Varrin has made numerous on-camera appearances. In the 2004 indepedent film by French director Rafael Sybilla, she was interviewed on body modification. In January of 2002, her second book, Erotic Surrender, was a segment on "Sexcetera," Playboy Channel's version of "60 Minutes." Earlier television appearances include The Maury Povich Show; The Joan Rivers Show, and Geraldo. She was a four-time guest on the hugely popular cable show, CNBC's "Real Personal" hosted by Bob Berkowitz. Varrin has been the subject of three university student videos which explored consensual sadism. In each appearance, Varrin advocated the romantic, consensual BDSM life-style.

Varrin's appetite for research, travel, new experiences, shoes, and latex remains unabated. She is currently based in New York City, but travels frequently to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Prague and South Florida.













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