Diva Claudia's Guide to the New York Fetish Underground
by Claudia Varrin



How often have you vacationed in a new city, looking for a little fetish fun far away from familiar faces, computers, and all things that go beep? How many times where you able to find that kinky fun?

That many, huh?

We all ask the same questions: where are the best clubs, parties, events? When are they held? Where are the fetish shops, shoe stores, wig shops? Where can I buy custom-made leather, latex, bondage equipment? How about whips and canes? Where can I dine out wearing latex? Are there any BDSM societies I can visit? Swingers clubs? Transvestite bars? Bed and breakfasts? Houses of domination? If you don't know where to look, you can spend your whole vacation chasing will-of-the-whips, and not even have any good clothes to show for it! Dangerous waters to negotiate on a short vacation, unless you have a friend in the neighborhood.

Your friend is here!

If you are planning a vacation in New York City, Fetish Diva Claudia Varrin's "NYFU: New York Fetish Underground" is just what you need! And Diva Claudia, author, domina, spanker of brats, and native of New York, is your new friend in the neighborhood. In "NYFU," Diva Claudia will take you to the hottest and coolest places in New York City: fetish shops and boutiques; toy stores; clubs, parties and yearly events; designers' workshops; eateries and sleeperies; and much more. From tiaras to toe- sucking; from lingerie to latex; from mid-week clubs to huge yearly events; "NYFU" finds, describes it, and rates it by "The Stiletto System." From a barely passable one Stiletto to a fantastic five full Stilettos, you will know before you arrive what to expect.

Claudia Varrin's Guide to New York's Fetish Underground in currently at all major booksellers, fine independent booksellers and fetish shops, and on a variety sites on the Internet.




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October 18,2012